Friday, August 9, 2013

Red Ale Round 1

I like red ales. I like that they are unfussy. They offer lots of variation. The ruby color is impressive poured into a glass where a recipe design and a homebrew technique combine to make a goal happen.
I missed. The color is close but looks more amber than red. There's redness there, and it looks to be a quality homebrew, but it is probably not going to be a perfect color of red to dazzle guests.

(We'll see what happens after fermentation clears out the wort, though!)

Red Ale Round 1

OG 1.050 (estimated at 75% efficiency)*
FG 1.011 (estimated)
22 IBU ***
4.6% ABV (estimated)
14 SRM (hm... We'll see.)**


6 pounds of pale malt
2 pounds of red wheat malt
6 ounces crystal 40l
6 ounces special b
2 roasted barley
2 ounces of flaked wheat
1 ounce of Progress hops at 60
1 ounce of cracked coriander at 8
1/2 ounce of cracked szechuan peppercorn at 8
Safale US-05

A multi step mash to settle the wheat and oats with 10 minute rests at 90, 113, followed by half an hour at 145, and a 60 minute conversion mash at 151-154 degrees. (All of these times approximate. Multi-step mashing is more guesswork than science on an electric range where quickly moving out of the target temperature is just not possible!)

**A singed brewkettle where the false bottom failed.

*A mystery conversion of 60 minutes for the main conversion, with a missing presumed tossed refractometer leading me to sort of sip wort and guesstimate if it is getting sweeter/richer or not.

***A crazy boil where I lost the boil for a few minutes halfway and i am uncertain i got a good heat break
It will be interesting. It is fermenting with safale us-05 as we speak. Will update with results.

Pictures? Pictures.

<-spice is nice!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Anybody in San Antonio interested in this little event?

Talking About Faith Through Imaginary Worlds:
Speculative Fiction at Viva!

worker prince kingmaker the thousand names 
August 31

Panel Discussion and Book Signing

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror offer the unique opportunity to post unreal elements in the real world.  More than just adventures and entertainment, these books offer new insights into the human condition.  Three leading authors of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror will be here at Viva to talk about speculative fiction's role in healing the world.

Bryan Thomas Schmidt is the author of The Worker Prince and The Returning, novels that re-invent the classic story of Moses as a space opera.  He also hosts the popular #sfwriterchat on Twitter.  Follow him @bryanthomas or visit his website

Maurice Broaddus is about the pursuit of truth, be it by art (over 10 years as a professional writer), science (20 years as a environmental toxicologist), or by religion (over 15 years in ministry).  New he focuses on working with the homeless by day (as Executive Director of Cities of Refuge Ministries) and writing by night (learn more at

Django Wexler is an author with a strong interest in history, which includes a serious study of religion as a defining factor in monumental conflicts.  His fantasy novel, The Thousand Names: Book of One Shadow Campaigns looks at Victorian Imperialism with an eye for adventure.

(Author's note: I'll be moderating and shuttling people around or something, so I'll be around if you want to meet with me, as well.)