Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brewday: Mexican Moderno

One of the most popular beers among my family members is Negra Modelo. I am not interested in cloning it. I am interested at taking the idea of a Light Munich Dunkel or Vienna Lager as interpreted by Mexican brewers not too far from my house, and bring in a craft brewer eye to the beer style.

Alas, an early boil over cost me some serious gravity points, and threw off my hop schedule. I ended up with a much lights beer than intended, with a starting gravity of 1.45. I will watch fermentation, and prepare some sort of simple sugar to boost gravity up to par, if I end up with an extremely light beer, and my bittering will be a mystery after such boiling over that occurred. Alas, my brewkettle struggled with what I though would be such a simple thing. So, recipe below is the intended one that got all wobbled and cobbled...

Mexican Modern

3 pounds American 6-row
3 pounds Vienna Malt
3 pounds Munich 10l
1/2 pound American Crystal 90l
1/4 pound Chocolate Wheat Malt
1/2 oz Hercules at 60 minutes
1/4 oz Mount Raineir at 20
1/4 oz Mount Raineir at 5
American Lager Yeast

Dough in at 144 for 15 minutes
Then saccharification rest at 156 for half an hour.

Lager people instructions from your page yeast supplier.

But, we shall see what result with this sucker that boiler over early and often despite my best efforts, alas!

Tonight, I rack off the Belgian Pale to the Secondary. I expect great things. Buy my books, people, so I can afford a bigger and better brewing rig!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Brew day:Monastic Pale Ale

Simplicity and order and lack of pretension and obeying the spirit that moves through the world, out in the winds that blew away the bad storms and freezing rain, opened the sky to the sun, and rustled through the leaves and palms that all survived the fronts, I brewed a beer in the tradition of the Trappists.

The Monastic Pale has a simple ingredient list, and a simple process.

10 pounds if Pilsner malt (bohemian)
2 pounds Vienna Malt (American)
1/2 pound of Caramunich 3
1/2 ounce of German Herkules at 60 minutes
1/4 ounce of Mount Rainier at 30 minutes
1/4 ounce of Mount Rainier at 15 minutes
A simple mash schedule, at 150 degrees for 60 minutes
A 90 minute boil.

The yeast will be Wyeast Trappist High Gravity, and I am about to pitch it, now.

The winter here turned harsh a while, but the Orange trees survived just fine, as did the lemon in the front dooryard. At last, the peaches and pear have lost their leaves and sleep until spring comes. When it does, I will toast the breaking buds of new life, and the spirit that moves through the seasons, like Ecclesiastes' turning wheels of time.
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