Friday, February 27, 2015

Disastrous days, under-attenuation, etc

Last two batches were both disastrous.  A belgian patersbier got infected in the secondary due to some crud I whiffed during cleaning. The tiniest of crud is enough to infect and ruin a whole batch!

The next was a Mexican-Viennese Lager that never quite reached efficiency in the mash run, boiled over, and froze during primary which stymied the yeast. This all resulted in a light, sweet beer. I also discovered that I dislike Mount Rainer hops which were the aroma and flavor in this batch. In a sweet, under-attenuated beer, it tastes like licorice soda.


I hope it dries out in the bottle, and under carbonated on purpose with that hope in mind.

I will try again with new equipment. I built a mash tun out of a 10-gallon Igloo Cooler and help from the nice expert at Lowe's.  I have a wort chiller, now, at last. I also got a temperature controller for the fridge.

Working 3 jobs doesn't help my brewing any, either. Som of my problems were due to severe time constraints. I see no respite any time soon. Buy my books, yes? Anyone?