Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bottling day: Heilige Taffelwasser

My Patersbier was bottled today. I wanted it pretty effervescent, close to a Saison. For about 4.25 gallons in the bottle, I used about 5 ounces of raw turbinado sugar.

The flavor is apples and hay, sweetness, and bittering floral hops. It hasnt quite all melded together, yet. Once the carbonation sets in and dries it all out a little more, unlocking the complex aromatics, we shall see what results in the glass

Note: This was a first attempt with Lallemand Safale Belgian Abbaye, a new dry yeast. I was not impressed with the yeast cake. The beer is full of floating yeast particles that just wont drop. I also expected a drier beer. Fermentation was under very good, controlled conditions, starting at 60 for two days, and rising slowly over the course of two weeks to 80 degrees. Before bottling, I crash chilled the beer down to below 40 degrees to help it drop clear, and it did not seem to do a rhing. I am unimpressed compared to Wyeast Trappist High Gravity, and would pay a couple bucks more for that product next time without question. Included are pictures of the dregs in a glass full of floating particulate and cloudoness, and the unimpressive yeast cake.

Still, light and crisp and lightly sweet, with apple and flower notes, I expect my family will love this beer in the sweltering Texas heat that is already waking up down here in South Texas.

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