Monday, July 11, 2016

Wine and things

We harvested grapes, and just in time. Despite nets and traps, the creatures of the world were after them. It was only about three or four pounds of grapes, though, so not really enough, once crushed to fill out wine.

Plenty for Pyment, though. 2.875 pounds of wildflower honey per gallon, plus the blend of red and white grapes will make for an interesting pyment someday, next year. A little citric acid and a blush wine yeast and let it go.

I've also combined a couple pounds of figs from the mystery fig tree in back with some cardamom and a little star anise and simple syrup and vodka for a homemade liquor.

I'm about to see how many habanero peppers are ready, because women in my life enjoy hot, hot, hot pepper jelly.

Lots of things done, but all so simple and simply made.


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  2. Good blog but could use a little more information about about harvesting and wine since it is the title of this blog.